Home-worker.com FAQ


We've listed some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) based on all of the e-mails that we have received.

Who are these companies listed in the directory?

The publisher has spent years researching these companies to ensure that they all provide legitimate work at home employment.

The majority of the companies are small and find it is easier to contract assembly out then to maintain a staff of employees and a wharehouse full of materials.

What's the best way to work for multiple companies? As we tell all our customers, you should follow these simple steps:

Contact the companies that interest you and request a sample/picture of the items you are interested in making.

This helps you to avoid making items that you do not want to make. After all, you should enjoy your work, right!

Can I sell the products elsewhere?

The companies pay you to make the products for them and this is very prosperous for you.

But if you would like to make the products and sell them elsewhere, most of the companies permit this.

The items can be made and sold at local flee markets, craft fairs, and even on the Internet.

We hope you enjoyed our FAQs page and it answered all your questions.

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Happy Home Working!