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You could have that extra income you need, performing easy work at home jobs within the next week.  Millions of people are working from home now, why shouldn't you?

These are legitimate work from home employment opportunities with real U.S. companies!

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You can make money working from home assembling products or doing other interesting tasks. This is becoming the perfect home based business. It can be done in the comfort of your own home while working at your own pace!

Choose from a large variety of work that appeals to both men and women.  Chose the type of home employment that suits your needs. You'll be working as an independent contractor, which means you get paid according to the number of pieces you complete. There's no boss watching over you, no time clock to punch, you can work when you want, and even watch TV while making money! You can assemble a variety of products for several different companies at the same time & earn the money you need!

Working at home is becoming increasingly popular! This year 1.2 million employees will spend more than 35 hours per week working from home.  That's more than a 30% increase from just one year ago! This is a new and growing trend with manufacturing and distributing companies and will definitely continue to boom.  Recent economic conditions have caused independent contractor positions to skyrocket!  

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Attention: Our Directory Is In Its 10th Year Of Publication & Now Contains 144 Legitimate Companies

Who Are These Companies Listed In Our Home Employment Directory?

Dozens of national companies are discovering that it's more economical for them to hire people, like you, to perform thier assembly or other interesting work at home, rather than absorbing the high cost of large assembly plants and related high costs of employing a large work force.

These companies have all been checked out and we're sure that you'll find the type of assembly or other interesting work that suits your ability and desires. You can continue to buy the "fly-by-night", "get-rich-quick" schemes that promise you millions of dollars overnight (but don't work), or you can take advantage of a "down-to-earth", sincere home employment opportunity, where you can earn an honest day's wage for an honest day's work.

You will not find any type of Multilevel Marketing or envelope stuffing scam of any kind listed in our directory!

The "Home Employment Directory" includes the names and addresses of each company with a full description of the assembly or other work offered. Dozens of companies are listed in are directory and the opportunities listed below are only a small sample of what's available. All the companies require you to do is follow their easy instructions, and they pay you for the completed work. The items are easy to assemble, and in most cases, there are no special skills or equipment required.

There are numerous companies offering a variety of products that need assembling. These products appeal to both men and women and include such items as: Toys & Gifts, String Art, Stuffed Animals, Dough Art, Wood Products, Needle Work, Metal Products, Jewelry, Leather Products, Hand Painting, Electronic Components, Refridgerator Magnets, Potpourri-Sachets, Holiday Decorations, & Doll house Furniture to name a few.

There is also a variety of other interesting work available that involves: Newspaper Clipping, Translation Work, Photography, Compiling Names, Greeting Service, & Internet Advertising

Here are a few descriptions of the type of work available:

Earn 12.00 for each unit of bracelets assembled.
Earn 165.00 for each unit of beaded earings assembled.
Assemble Country Angels to recieve 50.00 for every ten completed.

Hand tool genuine leather key chains.
Make delightful and unique stuffed animals for 180.00 per unit.
Assemble doll house furniture at home.
Assemble holiday gift items year round.
Assemble printed circuit boards.
Join the referal consultant program.
Process & clean natural fibers.
Use string art to form small pictures.
Earn money by hand painting novelty items.
Assemble wood products.

The list is endless! Get in on a legitimate work at home opportunity today and get a FREE BONUS too!!

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